Guide to buying a property in Jávea

If we talk about the best areas to buy a property, the Costa Blanca and more specifically Jávea, are undoubtedly at the top of the list. The good climate all year round, the gastronomy, the idyllic landscape of sea and mountains, the security and services such as education, make it a privileged place to choose Jávea as a place of residence or as the perfect place to invest due to the great growth of the tourist sector.

The decision to buy a property in Jávea is something that generates a lot of excitement and at the same time can cause confusion. As it usually happens in most cases, the future buyer has his place of residence abroad, so buying a property in another country and in an area that is not the usual one needs extra help that only the best professionals in the sector can provide.

What type of property we want to buy, in which area we want to buy it, our budget, for what purpose we are going to use the property or who will help us throughout the process are questions that we must seriously consider when buying a property in Jávea. In this article we will develop a series of tips for buying a house in Jávea that can help you to organise yourself before starting the buying and selling process.



Desired product

In this guide to buying a property in Jávea we will start by determining the type of house we want to buy.

In Jávea there are different types of houses, and although the single-family house is becoming more and more important, we can also find flats, townhouses and flats. Depending on our needs and the use we are going to give to the house, one type of construction will be more suitable than another.

To begin with, and as one of the first tips for buying a house in Jávea, it is essential to be very clear about our objective when buying a property (first residence, second home, investment…) in order to limit the search and stick to the type of property that we really need.



The location of the property is also something essential to take into account. It is an aspect that is closely linked to the type of property mentioned in the previous point.

Close to the sea, in the middle of nature, in the urban centres, close to schools, in the quietest places or in the centre of leisure and activity. In Jávea there is a wide range of places where we can buy our property, but in this guide to buying a property in Jávea, we recommend that before starting the search process, you should be very clear about the type of property and the location you want in order to narrow down the search and make the process as uncomplicated as possible.

If we wish to acquire a villa as our new property, we will have to take into account that in some cases the location will be in areas a little further away from the urban centres, such as in the Montgó or Balcón al Mar areas, for example. Even so, in Jávea there are also areas of single-family homes which are only a few minutes away from urban centres, such as La Corona or El Puchol. These types of properties are usually characterised by being in quiet areas surrounded by nature and have a larger private space to enjoy the outdoors.

On the other hand, if we decide for a flat or townhouse, we will have the services closer and we will be located in the urban centres of the Old Town, the Port area or the Arenal. In this case, the properties have communal areas shared by other owners.

Maximum price

Another aspect to consider when buying a property in Jávea is the maximum budget we have. Once we have set our maximum, we must take into account the taxes that have to be paid when buying the property, as well as the expenses derived from consultancy or notary fees, among others. Once we have made a small estimate of the outlay we will have to make, we will have a more approximate figure of what we can spend on our new property.

Finding a real estate agency with an excellent reputation

If there is something that we consider of vital importance in this guide to buying a property in Jávea, it is to have professional people in the real estate sector to guide us and help us throughout the buying and selling process.

In this sense Eurojávea, with more than 25 years in the real estate sector, is a safe bet. Its team of highly qualified professionals in the area in constant growth and training, its commitment to the international market, its Project Management service and its quality service with a personalised experience, make Eurojávea a great reference in Jávea, one of the preferred destinations on the Costa Blanca.

Taxes to pay

As we mentioned at the beginning of this guide to buying a property in Jávea, both the seller and the buyer must pay a series of taxes in the process of buying and selling a property. Below, we detail what these taxes are for each of them.

Taxes to be paid by the seller

Taxes to be paid by the buyer

The taxes to be paid by the buyer of the house will depend on whether he/she is buying a new house or a second-hand house.

Taxes to be paid when buying a new home

Taxes to be paid when buying a second-hand property

In this case, neither the VAT nor the IAJD must be paid, but on the other hand, the Property Transfer Tax (ITP) must be paid. In the case of the Valencian Community it is 10%.

Apart from this tax, the buyer will have to pay other expenses such as notary fees, a copy of the title deed, agency fees to process the registration as new owners, the registration of the property in the Land Registry and the mortgage payments in case the purchase of the property has been financed.

Sebas in 26 Oct 2023