Secret Sales

You know what you want. Of course you do, we’re pretty sure about that.  

Your have fallen in love with Jávea, dreaming about this spectacular place that’s bound to make you happier, giving you the life you deserve. 

You’re looking for something really exclusive, a hidden treasure that no one knows about. 

What you’re looking for has a name: it’s called Secret Sales by Eurojávea. 

Get in touch with us and allow us show you the house of your dreams. 


You are the owner of an extraordinary villa in Jávea.

You have decided to sell it but you want to maintain your privacy and you want the experience to be unique, exclusive and assured

Don’t worry. SECRET SALES is Eurojavea’s new service and it’s tailored 100% to your needs.

We are offering you an exclusive and confidential sale which will only connect your property with interested clients.

Now you can sell your house however you like thanks to Eurojavea’s SECRET SALES.

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