The Port of Jávea

If you are looking for a place to retire on the coast that is safe and lively throughout the year, the Port of Javea is just the place you are looking for. It is one of the best locations in this Alicante town, and the majority of flats and apartments here boast swimming pools and shared areas in residential complexes.

Also known as Aduanas del Mar, it is a highly sought-after port area and also guarantees the investment and 100% security of your house purchase. This is not at all farfetched since this area was one of the least affected during the housing crisis of 2007-2008. A property here is a secure investment.

The Port of Javea is located below the cliffs of San Antonio and has direct access to La Grava beach and a multitude of services, shops and restaurants. It is an ideal area for taking walks on the seashore and enjoying the unique landscape.

1. What is the Port of Javea?

This is a port area with a high quality of life, ideal for taking walks or dining out. All along the seafront and throughout its streets, you can find shops and all types of services as well as points of interest such as the Church of the Virgin of Loreto, known for its bold design and roof which mimics the hull of a boat.

2. What are buyers looking for in the Port of Javea?

Above all, they are looking for tranquillity. Buyers in this area are looking for a life with access to all kinds of services and leisure. Walking close to the sea, playing water sports, enjoying unbeatable views, eating tapas and eating in the area’s many restaurants are just some of the most valued day-to-day activities in the Port of Javea.

3. What is the nationality of owners living in the Port of Javea?

The majority of property owners are Spaniards from the local area who work in customs. However, there is a major presence of foreign owners, such as the English and the Dutch.

4. What styles of houses are found in the Port of Javea?

Properties in this area are often flats and apartments, though there are some villas, and all are within walking distance from the port. In recent years, more modern neighbourhoods have been built in the most outlying areas. These houses often have terraces, swimming pools and shared facilities, while the villas have private swimming pools.

5. What is the price of a house in the Port of Javea?

We can find various types of houses. If we focus on flats in the oldest buildings without a lift, prices are around €100,000. Looking at buildings with a lift of that are closer to the centre, prices rise to between €150,000 and €200,000. Lastly, if we focus on modern neighbourhoods with swimming pools, apartment prices can rise to around €500,000. As for villas within walking distance from the port, they can cost anywhere from €500,000 to €2,000,000.

6. What is the usual climate in the Port of Javea?

Due to its location towards the south, there are great temperatures for all 365 days of the year. The World Health Organization (WHO) considers the climate of Javea to be one of the best on the planet, and this is why this town on the Costa Blanca is one of the most sought-after for buyers looking to live on the coast throughout the year.

7. What are the facilities like near the Port of Javea?

The Port of Java is an area with a high level of tourism and sailing club activities, the La Grava beach, the Church of Our Lady of Loreto, capes and grottos and numerous restaurants. You will also find all types of services, such as the hospital, supermarkets, schools, a public library, a football field, a sailing club and the fishing dock.

8. What are the transport connections close to the Port of Javea?

Javea’s location between Valencia and Alicante means that, as well as its own excellent services, it is easy to access the transport links in both big cities, such as the airport. Javea is also very close to other tourist locations like Denia or Moraira.

9. What other areas of Javea offer similar characteristics if it is not possible to buy a property in the Port of Javea?

For the type of houses that can be found in the Port of Javea, the area further inland would have similar offerings, which will also be a little more economical. Here, you can find flats and apartments with similar characteristics, even though they are a bit far from the sea.

Toñi in 3 Dec 2021