The best beaches in Jávea

Jávea, a paradise with the most spectacular beaches on the costa blanca

When we talk about Jávea, we inevitably think of a picture-postcard scene where the sun and the sea take centre stage. Blessed with more than 20 kilometres of coastline and impressive cliffs, this town has some of the best beaches on the Costa Blanca. 

Which are the best beaches in Jávea?

But which are the best beaches in Jávea? This is not an easy choice, as there is an incredible variety of beaches in this town, each with its own charm that makes it special and unique. In Jávea we find beaches and coves to suit the tastes, preferences and needs of all the tourists who come to visit and return year after year to escape the noisy and busy cities.

La Granadella

One of the most charming beaches in Jávea and Dénia, and one of the best in the Valencian Community, is La Granadella. It is a cove sheltered by mountains, with crystalline waters and a sublime beauty that is difficult to describe in words. La Granadella is the essence of the Mediterranean. Here we find one of the best marine environments for snorkelling and scuba diving, and its rich variety of marine flora and fauna make it perfect for lovers of these sports. In La Granadella cove you will also find a variety of restaurants serving traditional dishes, a delicious incentive to spend the day on one of Jávea Spain beaches.

Barraca or Portixol

When it comes to the most beautiful beaches in Jávea and Dénia, the Barraca or Portitxol cove is a close second to La Granadella. With its white fishermen’s houses and their colourful doors and windows, it’s clear and calm waters and the island of Portitxol as its main attraction, La Barraca has earned the title of one of the best beaches in Jávea. Like La Granadella, it is an ideal cove for enjoying sports such as snorkelling, scuba diving, paddle-surfing and kayaking, all of which allow you to explore the surroundings of Portitxol, skirting its impressive cliffs. For the more adventurous, the interior of the island hides unique corners, such as a natural swimming pool or a window to the sea, which are truly spectacular.

Cala Blanca or La caleta

Another beach in Jávea, although more modest than La Granadella and La Barraca, is the one known as Cala Blanca or La Caleta. It owes its name to the white soil of the mountains that surround it. It is an ideal cove for the whole family, where you will find tunnels dug out of the rock, through which you will be able to see wonderful landscapes that could be printed on a postcard. A short walk further on, without leaving the path, takes us to another cove, La Caleta II, a small corner of turquoise waters, perfect for relaxing and letting yourself be carried away by the tranquillity and beauty of the scenery.

La Grava or El Arenal

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Jávea has a number of beaches and coves, each with its own special charm. Proof of this is the urban beaches of La Grava and El Arenal. They are not the same as the coves mentioned above, but they are considered to be some of the best beaches in Jávea. La Grava beach is located in the port of Jávea, very close to the fishing port. It is a small pebble beach with easy access and clear waters. A stroll along its promenade, full of shops and restaurants, is a perfect idea at any time of day, although the best time is early in the morning when you can enjoy the beautiful sunrises. 

Arena Beach, as its name suggests, is located in the centre of Arenal. It is the only sandy beach in the town and is ideal for the youngest members of the family. This beach is surrounded by bars, restaurants, ice-cream parlours and shops, and at night it becomes an entertainment hotspot for people of all ages to spend a pleasant evening. 

We will end this article, although they are no less important, by talking about the beaches of the First and Second Montañar. The beach of Primer Montañar stretches from the mouth of the river Gorgos to the Parador de Jávea. It is a long beach with rocks and pebbles, where you can find the famous beach bars in the summer. From any point on this beach you can see a large part of the bay of Jávea, with Cabo de San Antonio and Cap Prim at opposite ends. El Segundo Montañar runs from the end of Arenal beach to Cala Blanca. It is a rocky beach and although it is not easy to find a place to lay a towel due to the composition of the terrain, it is a quiet place with calm waters. An interesting fact about these last two beaches is that they were the source of the rough stone used to build the fortified church of San Bartolomé in the old quarter of Jávea. 

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